PACE Sage Capital, LLC is a regional PACE Originator with a dedicated Capital Provider.  We pride ourselves on being the “Local” Commercial PACE Originator in each of our markets, offering very competitive quotes and a quick and seamless process.

The Company is the “go-to” loan origination entity for PACE education of any new borrower client, the banking community and professionals that serve the commercial real estate industry.

We ensure that our clients are comfortable with PACE financing and the process from application to closing. PACE financing is a good solution for capital issues and constraints or to align with the overall capital strategy and business model of a specific property.

PACE in the Midwest is relatively new and PACE Sage Capital, LLC is poised to be the premier Originator in the region. We’re currently operating in Missouri, Nebraska and Texas.

We’re usually first in a local or state market and are active in passing C-PACE state enabling laws along with the design and formation of statewide and municipal/county PACE districts. As an example, we were instrumental in passing Nebraska’s state enabling PACE law – LB1012 in 2016, an amendment in 2017 – LB625 and the City of Omaha PACE ordinance in May/17.

Our Team

We are an experienced team with a broad skill set and with great access to the Capital Markets.

Why Us?

We’re competitive, local and do the heavy lifting for our clients.