PACE Sage, LLC and PACE Sage Capital, LLC merge to Operate as a Full Service C-PACE/CEE Loan Originator under PACE Sage Capital, LLC


Rob Shear

Post written by Rob Shear, CEO of PACE Sage Capital, LLC

We are pleased to announce that PACE Sage, LLC and PACE Sage Capital, LLC have merged to become a full service Commercial PACE (C-PACE) and Commercial Energy Efficiency (CEE) regional Loan originator, operating in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Arkansas under the name PACE Sage Capital, LLC.

The company will be sourcing and funding C-PACE Loans in MO, NE and AR and CEE Loans in KS and OK for both ground up development and building improvement/redevelopment projects.

C-PACE/CEE Loans are long-term (typically 20-25 years), fixed, competitive rates, non-recourse and repaid through annual special assessments on the property. They go into the equity stack and reduce the amount of cash equity required for a project. ROI typically increases with C-PACE/CEE Loans.

Unique to these loans is the ability to access C-PACE/CEE funds up to 24 months after a project’s completion. This is the C-PACE/CEE “look back feature”.

PACE-Sage-Capital-Logov2PACE Sage Capital’s initial funding limits for any one loan will be $300K to $6.0M.

The company launched its new website ( and LinkedIn Company Page ( concurrently with the merger. The website has several pages that are helpful in explaining C-PACE/CEE Loans and why commercial property owners and developers use this financing tool.

The company will be a first mover and the primary GO TO source for C-PACE/CEE Loans in its local markets.

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