Our loan pricing is competitive and our fees are low for the PACE market

Our financing fees are capped at 2% of the PACE CapEx for every loan.  There are no loan application fees or any upfront costs until closing.

Financing fees, PACE District fees, energy engineering costs, legal costs (reasonable costs for us and our client), appraisal and environmental report costs and other transaction related costs, are included in the PACE financing amount.

The only costs our clients are obligated to pay are the energy engineering costs incurred if the client decides not to proceed with the PACE loan.

We provide PACE financing for new projects AND for projects that were completed up to 24 months prior to the PACE loan application (“look back” feature)

PACE uniquely can fund Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) for projects that have been completed and already paid for.  PACE financing then becomes a reimbursement for the property owner or developer.

We work with our clients and their senior lenders to obtain Lender Consent/Acknowledgment of a PACE financing

In all of our local markets, we frequently meet with banks to ensure they’re educated about PACE before our clients request Lender Consent for their PACE project.

We also work with banks to fill financing gaps with PACE for projects they’re working on with their clients.

Our goal is to create a “PACE friendly” lending community wherever we operate.

We actively work with the Energy Engineer to maximize PACE funds

One of our clients closed on a major conversion project (office to hotel/apts.) of a historic building in downtown Kansas City.  Total project cost is in excess of $35 million.  The PACE funds CapEx portion of the project is over $2.1 million.

By state statute in most PACE-enabled states, there’s an Energy Engineering process which requires a certified and experienced Energy Engineer to calculate and project estimated energy and other operating savings over the term of the PACE financing as a qualification for PACE-funded project measures.  We were able to provide PACE funding of an additional $440,000 above the $1.7M of PACE funds that our client originally applied for.

We work with our clients to pass City ordinances to adopt PACE financing in jurisdictions where they have projects

We recently passed ordinances in Grandview, MO and Belton, MO to assist our clients with specific PACE projects.

We make the process easy and seamless and we work to get the project funded quickly

The PACE due diligence and funding process can be confusing and time-consuming.  Our clients are busy managing their business and doing the most important creative and value-added items that impact their projects.

We are local

We are local and can act quickly to meet our clients’ needs when an urgent issue arises.  We do the heavy lifting to ensure that our client will get PACE funding in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of their time and effort.

We do our best to ensure funding for projects that have various characteristics

One of our clients recently completed a redevelopment of a strip Shopping Center in the Greater Kansas City area and is using PACE for a reimbursement of funds already spent on the project.  The property has a TIF and the property valuation includes the present value of projected TIF revenue.

The senior construction lender has a collateral assignment of the TIF.  The PACE financing is being provided with a full value given for the TIF part of the appraisal and without requiring a collateral assignment of the TIF Contract.

Most PACE lenders wouldn’t lend with these conditions.  This allowed the construction lender to consent to the PACE financing and approve funds to be taken out of the project by our client post completion.

What we do if we can’t fund a project?

If a client’s project doesn’t meet our eligibility criteria, PACE Sage Capital will connect our client with another PACE capital provider. We will ensure that the PACE provider is the right one for our client and the project will have the best chance of being funded.